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Users Overview

User Management can be accessed through the navigation menu on the left side of the Admin Console , under Users. After clicking Users, a sub-menu will appear with the different sections: Users, Import, Append or Add.


Click on Users in the main navigation menu to access the user management page. The Users page contains an overview of all users that are currently in the database. Each administrator can view the users list and can edit user information depending on their access privileges.


Each admin level can only view and edit the user data to which they have access privileges to.



The dashboard is an overview of the current number of users in the system and their activity. This allows administrators of all levels to see the number of active users within the last 30 days and how many users in the system, which can change depending on your administrator level.

Users in database


The blue square in the dashboard shows how many users there are in the system according to your Administrator level. At the bottom of the square, it shows the number of users including blocked users.

Active users


The green square in the dashboard shows how many active users there have been within the last 30 days. A user qualifies as an [Active User(../glossary#active-user)] when the user has started at least one training or content in the last 30 days.

User list

Below the dashboard is a table of all users that the Administrator has access to.


The table contains 5 separate columns of information:

  • Name: the first and last name of the user

  • E-mail: the user’s e-mail address

  • Employee ID: the ID number of the Employee

  • Country: the user's country of origin or the country in which he is currently working. NOTE: This option is decided and changed by the individual company.

  • Division: the division to which the user is associated to.

Filtering and searching for users

By default, the list is in alphabetical order by name of the user. The order can be sorted by clicking on the column headers at the top of the table.

You can also filter or search the results by using the options underneath each column header.


For Name, Employee and Employee ID, you can use the search box to type in at least 3 letters or numbers of the information for that user.

For Country and Division there is a drop-down list where you can choose one of the options to filter the results.

By default, only active users are included in the table. To include blocked users in the table as well, click the blocked user icon located above the table on the right side.

Adjusting and downloading the table

To download the list of users, click the download icon , located next to the blocked user icon, above the table on the right. The file will be in excel format.

To change the number of users shown in the table per page, use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the table . The default is 10 users per page, and the options are 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 and 300 users per page.


Navigate between the pages of the table by using the arrows below the table.

When clicking on a user in the table on the Users page, you will be re-directed to a new page with that user’s information and details.