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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see an employee under My Direct Reports or I can see an employee that should not be there

The manager relations along with other employee data is usually imported from the company's HR system. In case of any errors, you should contact your LMS administrator.

I can see an employee that is no longer working in the company under My Direct Reports

If you can still see under My Direct Reports an employee who has left the company, please contact your LMS administrator.

How can I approve training completions or event enrollments of the employees working under me?

To approve completions or

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enrollments, log in to the
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interface, and there, click on "My Direct reports" -> "Needing attention" on the left sidebar menu. Under My Direct reports -> Needing attention, you can review and approve completions/enrolments for your team members. Click here to read more.

I did not receive an email regarding my team member's pending approval

When there is an item waiting for your approval, you receive an email notifying about the required action with a link to log in to your Manager View. If you have an item waiting for approval and did not receive the email, please check your spam and junk folders. If you still cannot find it, please contact Datafisher support team.

I am a manager who is about to go on vacation, who will take care of approving completions and event enrollments of my team members while I'm on leave?

If you are about to go on vacation, you should delegate your permissions to "My Direct Reports" to the person that will replace you while you are on leave, so that this person can approve training completions/event enrollments of your team members. Click here for instructions on how to delegate your "My Direct Reports" permissions.