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My Organization

While My Direct Reports provides you access only to your own team, My Organization provides you access to review everyone working under you. Keep track on the completion rates of different trainings and on the mandatory training completions that are about to expire.

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My Organization

My Organization allows you to view reports on everyone working under you. In My Organization tab there are two modes, the simple mode and the advanced mode (see below).

Simple mode (simple reports)

The simple mode of My Organization is where you can review simple reports by selecting a training, target group users, and choose if you want the report to include only expired and upcoming expirations of the selected training.

Click here to learn how to use simple reporting.

Advanced mode (advanced reports)

In the advanced mode of My Organization there are advanced reporting options, such as selecting multiple or all contents, choosing which assignees to include, filtering the target group of the results (e.g. filtering that a report will include the results only of users in Finland), download the report, etc.

Click here to learn how to use the advanced reporting.