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Manual completions

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Manual completions allow adding completions in bulk for trainings that were completed outside of the LMS, granted by having relevant experience, etc.

Importing data from Excel

It is possible to import completion information in bulk by uploading an Excel file containing a column named "email" or "uid" (employee ID) to identify the user and optionally a "date" column to specify the completion date. Several Excel files may be uploaded at a time.

Identifying the user

The user is identified by their email address ("email") or employee ID ("uid"), both of which may be specified.

For a successful import:

  1. Exactly one user must be found by the specified data.

An error is logged when:

  1. The user is not found by the specified field;
  2. Several users are found by the specified field(s).

Some employee IDs begin with zeroes. In case the "uid" cell is using the "Number" type, the leading zeroes are removed, causing the user not to be found. In this case you need to use the "Text" type for the cells.

Completion date

The completion date can be specified in the "date" field.

The date cells must:

  1. Use the "Date" type;
  2. Use the "Text" type with the date formatted as y-m-d, e.g. 2023-05-25
  3. Use the "Text" type with the date formatted as d.m.y, e.g. 25.05.2023
  4. Use the "Text" type with the date formatted as m/d/y, e.g. 05/25/2023 or 5/25/2023